Domonique: UPDATES

Hey there, it’s been a long week. The first full day was today and the school year seems quite promising. (= I’m ready to get ready to study and earn the grades! x)

As far as I know, Joon has been taking care of all the nesscassry requirements and procedures to make his freshmen year in college flow with ease. (= he has received his class schedule and has looked into books :3 it’s all exciting to see him get ready to be a college student x)

On a side note, Joon has also been under the weather the past few days. Today he said he’s doing better which is lovely x3 I don’t like when he’s not feeling well because it make me feel worthless knowing he’s blah and I’m just…here… x(

In other news, I am working on a box to send Joon x) I would detail what is in the package but it would ruin the surprise x3 

Finally, I know Joon has been quite busy lately but I miss seeing his sweet blog posts on here x/

Well, I believe that is all for now x)

Joon and I, have an early Saturday morning. He has to work and I have to travel down to Nashville x/

Goodnight lovely readers

AUGUST 10,2012
11:16 PM

skyneck asked:

Ohhhh yeah forgot to tell you that bit, I did say america when i hit the gas on the prius, ask joonie poo ;b haha

Pha, it all seems legit! and Surprisingly, I dont even have a nickname for Joon XD and “joonie poo” seems too girly for him xD haha

Domonique: Back to school…

It has been awhile since I posted on here…sorry to whoever reads these… It’s been a long two weeks especially with school coming extremly soon. Less than 5 days ill be back in school and less than 2 weeks until Joon starts his first moments in college. 

Not much to say…just getting focused for the last steps of high school, for me; and the first steps of college, for Joon…


August 3, 2012


Domonique: almost there…

It’s been awhile on here but a lot has happened. As of right now, I am pretty sure I will be leaving to see Joon tomorrow and possibly will be there on Monday, so wish me luck on the drive (= For now, I’m exhausted from doing unexpected lawn work and I really just want to chill out, relax and text Joon. (= I’ll try to keep this updated on this week (= ~Domonique~ July 14,2012 7:10PM

Domonique: late night (=

Well it has been busy the past few days. Only a few more days and I’ll be with Joon x)

Doesn’t anyone else get sad when you have to get off of Skype with someone you really have deep feelings for? I know I do..

Joon and I haven’t really been on Skype as long as we normally are the past few days and I’m kind of bummed out, but it is something that I will have to get used to. I know it will be a bit worse when school starts too…but oh well..,

Moving on, I am quite nervous and building different scenarios of this visit in my head and basically just being a girl a thinking too much I guess… I hope everything goes well…x/

Joon is already asleep and has to wake up early to help at the shop because of a big order. He usually only works weekends but he is always willing to lend a hand when need be, which is a trait that I admire very much. (=

Well I am going to sleep in a few so I can get up early to change the car’s oil…woo

Only a few more days babe…(=

~Domonique~ July 12,2012 1:24AM

Joon: Le voyage. #11

Okay! So admit it!!! I AM ADDICTED TO MINECRAFT!….

Yes! yes I am!….. anyhow…

Today consisted of: Sleep, Texting and Minecraft..

Not a very exciting day.

I also received my AP scores… (yes i just graduated from high school)

and….. 2’s   YUP! alllll Two’s…..   as well as a planer from my college.. as if I’m gonna

use it….


The Difference between a Man and a Woman; 

When Man needs your silver hugs and caressing kisses, 
Woman needs your mind as well.
When Man taunts your falls and misses
Woman shares a laughing spell.
When Man tells you all will be right
Woman tells you the mistake.
When Man starts leaving during fight
Woman sees through all that fake 

Woman, with her knowing eyes and blowing hair
Man with muscles and puppy smile.
Woman with her bounty fair
Man’s will last just for a while.

Which is better; man or woman? 
woman or man? 
Men are gifts we love to open, while women that we can save. 


July 11, 2012

10:40 pm


“Distance is just an obstacle. Nothing is unreachable when it comes to love.”

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